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Brazilian Bikini and Body Waxing

We offer over premium waxing services for men, women, and teens using our exclusive 100% natural, European wax formula.

We zero out hair with zero judgment. Our signature wax is quick, effective and practically painless, deleting unwanted hair from (just about) anywhere.

The wax we use (both soft and hard) is a special formula. It contains Raspberry extract, Red Currant, and Acai Berry Oil — All anti-inflammatory agents that reduce the ouch.


What to expect during our waxing services, step by step:


First, we'll cleanse the area to remove any makeup, oils or lotions that would prevent the wax from properly adhering to the hair.


Next, we protect your skin with our soothing pre-wax oil.

Signature Wax

Our rich, creamy formula is infused with Raspberry extract that delivers vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for unparalleled smoothness. Both the hair shaft and root are successfully removed for longer-lasting results. Acai Berry oil and Red Currant soothe; while Aloe Vera helps to leave skin smooth.


Finally, we rejuvenate the area by applying our after-waxing products, like our hair minimizing body lotions and serums.

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