3D Hair-like strokes

Beauty Services

OUR ULTRA-FINE MICROBLADING TECHNIQUE CREATES NATURAL, HAIR-LIKE STROKES. ENHANCE THE BEAUTY OF YOUR BROWS. We create your brow strand-by-strand, for the most natural-looking 3D-like results. The brow shape and color is custom-made to your facial structure and preference. This is a semi-permanent procedure, with results that last 1-2 years depending on your skin type. The benefit of microblading vs permanent makeup is it doesn't go as deep into your skin. This means we have more control over the ink making cleaner, crisper and more natural looking hair strokes for your eyebrows. It also will not fade into an undesirable color that permanent makeup does over time. Our brows last 1-2 years. Microblading will save you valueable time every morning. You will wake-up and go to sleep with brows that make you feel confident and beautiful! Step-by-Step Microblading Procedure: 1) FILL OUT THE FORM OR GIVE US A CALL FOR A FREE PHONE CONSULTATION 813-962-8125 2) DURING THE FIRST 30 MINUTES, WE WILL WORK TOGETHER TO DRAW YOUR NEW BROWS UNTIL YOUR HAPPY WITH EVERY DETAIL. 3) WE APPLY NUMBING CREAM SO YOU ARE COMFORTABLE THROUGHOUT THE PROCEDURE. 4) THE MICROBLADING PROCEDURE BEGINS. 5) THEN, WE APPLY MINERAL-BASED PIGMENT, WHICH IS COMPLETELY SAFE FOR YOUR BODY. 6) AFTER WAITING 15-20 MINUTE FOR THE PIGMENT TO SETTLE, WE MAKE SURE YOU LOVE YOUR NEW BROWS, AND YOU ARE READY TO GO!