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Drone Technology

PURIFYING TREATMENT cleanses your face deeply, detoxifying it at all levels and reprogramming your cells to improve its functioning.


Drone Technology

The ground-breaking cosmetic technology known as drone acts as an intelligent transporter which carries the active treatment encapsulated inside, directing it to its objective: the core of the cell, improving your skin health and show extraordinary results.


Pure Oxygen

It is a revolutionary system which liberates pure oxygen.

It exponentially increases the metabolic activity, optimizes the process of cell and it improves cell breathing process.

open_pore (1).png

Open Pore

Advanced purifying technique made of natural oils, hydrolysed oat and natural surfactants that provide the latest quality in skin cleansing. It dilates the pore and softens the blackhead to ease its removal, micro-relaxing the treated area.


Pure Oxygen

PURIFYING makes your skin breath and look deeply clean, glowing and youthful.

PURIFYING OXYGENATING TREATMENT combines medical technology and pure microencapsulated  oxygen to purify the skin, allowing it to breathe once again.

Who is it for?

All Skin Types.

It is aimed at all skin types, including those with a delicate, reactive or damaged skin. The skin is deeply cleansed, looking radiant and thoroughly purified due to the exclusive combination of its purifying-detoxifying action and its oxygenating agents, which makes the skin improve at all levels allowing it to function 100%.

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